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MicroSoft Developer Network - Academic Alliance
The MSDNAA program has evolved into the new Microsoft Imagine Premium program,
a free software program that supports students and faculty in technology.

Microsoft Imagine Premium
IMS Department WebStore (ELMS)
A software center with products to order and download for students in IMS Department development courses.
Hosted by Kivuto Solutions, Inc. Electronic License Management System (ELMS)
Image and Link to Microsoft Imagine Standard Web Site
"MSDN is a registered trademark of Microsoft
Corporation in the United States and/or other
countries and is used under license from owner."

Microsoft Imagine Premium (IMS ELMS WebStore)
 - For students in selected IMS Department development courses
 - Accounts will be active only periodically
Electronic License Management System (ELMS), hosted by
Kivuto Solutions, Inc.; Find out more about available software components; Secure Internet Download; Disk Media Sales; FAQ's; And more...

Microsoft Imagine Standard
 - Software available to all Moraine Valley students
Limited software and support for Developer, Designer, Server, and Application solutions;

Who Qualifies?

A selection of software components will be available to students "currently participating for credit" in only some IMS department software developmenet coures as determined by instructors and approved by the department.
Arrangements to obtain any software component will be made "only after the semester begins" and "only through the instructor" for a course in which selected software has been approved.
Previous accounts will be reactivated only when currently participating for credit in a qualifying course.
Any student registered to "audit" a course does not qualify for software under the current departmental "Premium" license.

For questions, contact your instructor, or
send email to